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If you're in the market for a KFC3100 KitchenAid food processor, you could be paying anywhere from $35.95 (including shipping and $5 rebate) to $41.40 (plus $6.49 shipping) as of today. To find the best US deals for the KFC3100, you must compare prices at the top five online Home Appliances stores.

The thing is that often some of them are out of stock. Today, they all have stock, and the Best Deal right now for KitchenAid's KFC3100 stand mixer is $35.95 including shipping and today's $5 rebate.

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"If you're interested in getting this I strongly recommend getting it from Amazon. You can find it for a few bucks less (on QVC) however with the shipping and sales tax you'll pay more. Also I do not know of any other e-commerce site that is as quick or accommodating as far as returns are concerned besides Amazon (although QVC is pretty close). (BTW, speaking of QVC, don't you just love that KitchenAid lady that comes on every couple of weeks for on-air demonstrations? She's so cute, she reminds me of my granny.) Also if the Amazon Web site states that it's out-of-stock, don't worry because they're constantly updating their inventory so I'd still order from them."

J. Abercrombi